Cultural Heritage of Madiun Raya (TURIMAN) 


Madiun is one of cities in East Java. The city is located 169 km west of Surabaya, or 114 km east of Surakarta City. Madiun has popular names called GADIS (trade and industry city), City of Brem, Students’ Town, City of railroad, Pecel City, City of Culture, and City of Art.

Universitas PGRI Madiun is able to share information and culture related to Madiun Heritage. The course is aimed to build the base knowledge about  Madiun culture and heritage. Also, it aims to give the participants of the program a better understanding on Madiun culture and history.The studies are conducted through various methods including courses,visit houseworks, and history trips.


What You will get

  • Courses
  1. Batik Class
  2. Traditional food class
  3. Traditional dance class
  • Field Trip
  1. Batik Workhouse
  2. Brem Workhouse
  3. Pecel Workhouse
  4. Benteng Pendem
  5. Kresek Monument
  6. Karisidenan Madiun
  7. Nglambangan culture
  • Certificate of particiation
  • Accomodation (boarding house)


Program Benefits

  1. Fun cross culture experience with other local and international students
  2. Applicable knowledge of some short course: Batik, traditional food, traditional dance
  3. Introduction of Madiun’s history


Program Timeline


pick up service provided

Juanda International Airport


Welcoming reception

Short orientation

Course introduction



Batik Class

Traditional food class

Traditional dance class



Visit Workhouse

Batik Workhouse

Brem Workhose

Pecel Workhouse


Historical Trip


Benteng Pendem

Kresek Monument

Karisidenan Madiun

Nglambangan culture






Airport Transfer Service provided


Juanda International Airport



Karisidenan Madiun



Application Deadline        : 3 May

Anouncement                  :10 May

Accomodation check in    : 25 July

Program Duration             : 26 July – 6 August

Closing                           : 7 August


Program Fee

USD $900



  1. Undergraduate students
  2. GPA min 3.00
  3. English Proficiency Score
  • IBT        : min 70
  • TOEFL  : min 450
  • IELTS    : min 5.00


Application Process

  1. Send the following documents to
  • Recomemdation Letter from home university
  • Certificate of Academic Transcript
  • Certificate copy of English proficiency score
  • Certificate of passport
  • The required documents are to be emailed to with email subject (yourname_Suparman_Turiman)
  1. Wait for acceptance notification by email
  2. Transfer the payment


Contact Person

Sri Lestari

Coordinator for International program


Universitas PGRI Madiun

Jalan Setiabudi No. 85

Madiun 63118, Indonesia